Everyone has the right to work in a healthy, safe environment. It is a well-established fact that unionised workplaces with active safety reps are safer workplaces.

Unite safety reps have a range of functions which they can exercise at work. Full details can be found in safety representatives and safety committees, also known as the Brown Book. Download a copy of the Brown Book below.

What to do if you have a health & safety problem at work

Contact your local rep


Unite has around 10,000 safety reps who are supported by branches, regions and Unite national health & safety staff. Unite Safety reps deal with issues locally, supported by their senior workplace reps. If you have a health & safety question and cannot find the answer in the Unite health & safety guide, or from our health & safety resources, please contact your workplace safety rep or your regional office for advice.

The Unite national H&S service is delivered by Bud Hudspith and Rob Miguel.

You can email the health and safety unit here.

You can sign up to receive the health and safety bulletin here.