Unite winning for workers in West Lothian-Campaigning update

As you will be aware, Unite has been campaigning on a number of issues that you the members have asked us to take forward on your behalf, with WLC management.


Microwaves Kirkton Service centre 

  1. Unite:  Unite rep Jade Deans had engaged with members on access to microwaves at the KSC and your unite reps had met with senior management after you had collectivised the issue and signed a petition wishing for better and improved access to microwaves during break times.

 Unite had advised management that during peak times there is a queue for the microwave on the ground floor area.

 1. Management 

Kirkton Service Centre has a seating area for over 40 employees in rest area format, 3 microwaves, 1 on the ground floor and 2 on the first floor.  In addition, there are 4 picnic tables externally for sunnier days. These are all available for all staff based at Kirkton Service Centre and for any transient workers who may wish to use the facilities whilst attending KSC for business duties. This is a similar set up to the Civic Centre and St David’s House.

Management: advised they would contact Finance and Estates to see if there is an option to purchase an additional microwave for the ground floor area. (Unite reps will monitor this over the coming weeks)

Unite:  Are agreeable with this and management feedback at our monthly union meeting.

In the meantime employees should be made aware of the locations of all 3 microwaves and acknowledge at certain times they may need to wait a short period to use them, however, they can use any of the three microwaves available.

Unite reps access to  facilities to carry out trade union duties


toftud&atu reps

Unite senior rep Rab Brown had met with Grant Taylor over concerns of Unite reps not getting access to trade union facilities and having facility time to be in a position to adequately represent the Unite membership within the building services, in line with the facilities agreement.

 Unite reps Facility time

 1. Unite: workplace Stewards/H&S reps can’t get access to PCs for TU business –

 1. Management: advised there is a dedicated workstation at the end of one of the pods in the open plan office. they explained, in addition, the council has a number of workstations available in other buildings for work smart use.

Unite: Convenor advised that they have used drop-in work smart facilities at other council venues and are happy with the arrangements however they will now be accessed by all reps. Unite are comfortable with these arrangements however if this changed Unite will get back to management. all reps to get access to computers.

2.Unite:  Access to the ‘quiet room’ exclusively for TU business for a few hours per week –  Management –  The quiet room was designed for the use by Social Policy as required. Unite reps have access to the council’s room booking system and that you can book any of the 6 meetings rooms available at Kirkton Service Centre.

3. Unite: Issue regarding reps getting time-off for attending working groups

3. Management: advised that Unite has provided the service with a schedule of meetings pre and post to our monthly mgt/TU meeting. All line managers are aware of the times/dates of meetings rep request to attend.

No reps have been refused time off to attend any meetings with the agreed correct notice of attendance by senior management. Unite  TU reps have been requesting time off to attend Unite courses. The service has tried to accommodate these requests with sufficient notice.we  would request that Unite produce a training attendance schedule for external courses and submit this to the service for review and approval where appropriate.

4. Unite: Access to  internal IT systems and Email access

4.Management: Email accounts – for reps who require a WLC email account they can request their line manager to arrange this. You advised you are aware of this process from the previous discussion. Internal Mailing System –   Unite are aware of the arrangements for internal mail and training for reps will be provided through their line manager.

5.Unite: Lockable storage for Unite information to comply with GDPR

5. Management: Lockable cabinets – weren’t aware that the dedicated lockable cabinet Unite were issued with some years has become a joint cabinet with another employee.  the employee’s files to be removed and the cabinet returned to Unite business only. check the lock and key are working. If not please let us know to arrange for the supplier to carry out a repair.

Unite reps in West Lothian Council, would like to thank all our members who took part in the campaigns to improve welfare /microwave facilities and supporting your reps to gain improved access to trade union facilities to assist the reps to better to represent you, our Unite members.

Unite winning for workers  in West Lothian Council 

Unite Campaigns currently running 

Be Ballot Ready in West Lothian Council

Stop the cuts

Improved PPE

If you are a member and would like to get more involved or have an issue or campaign you wish Unite to campaign on contact your Unite reps today

If you are not yet a member of Unite can you afford not to to be?
join unite 2019

You can join  Unite the Union online: https://join.unitetheunion.org/

Or contact one of the Unite reps  (Details below)



West Lothian Council  Local Unite contacts 

Unite the Union Shop Stewards/ Workplace Reps


Kirkton Service Centre


Unite the Union Workplace Reps

Rab Brown  Unite Convenor: Email  robert.brown@westlothian.gov.uk

Tam Brown Unite Rep: Email: tam.brown@unitewlc.org

Jade Deans Unite Rep: Email:jaderooney91@hotmail.com

Ryan Morcombe: Email  ryan.morcombe@unitewlc.org

Frank O Neil : Email  foneil@hotmail.com

Whitehill Service Centre

Senior Steward: Pat Tedford

Mobile:   07787 102 636  Email :  pat.tedford@unitetheunion.org

Davy Johnstone : Email : d.johnstone70@talktalk.net

Davy Dowds : Email : dowdsdavid1@gmail.com

Donald Smail: Email : donaldiansmail@gmail.com


Andy Dowds: Email : andydowds@live.co.uk

Bobby Lee: Email :  Bobby.lee@westlothian.gov.uk


Contact can be made through mobile phone app on android devices Unite@WLC




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