Information on Industrial Action Ballots

What is a Strike?

Workers can sometimes temporarily stop working because they’re on strike or taking industrial action. Strikes or industrial action can happen for a variety or reasons and there are various rules to follow when holding legal strikes.

We’ve pin-pointed some of the key facts.

What is a strike?

A strike or industrial action is an action taken caused by a dispute between Trade Union members and employers. It is a refusal to work by employees until the dispute has been resolved.

What is a Strike?

Why do people strike?

The dispute can be over a variety of issues including:

Why Do People Strike?

How do strikes come about?

For a strike or industrial action to happen, there needs to be an official, legal trade union ballot first. This ballot is a vote among members that basically asks employees whether or not they’d like to take action.

Some of the key rules in holding a ballot are:

What You Need to Know Before Striking

Your rights during a strike

Once a ballot has been cast, and action has been decided, what happens if you decide to take part in the industrial action or a strike at your workplace?

There are a few things you should remember:

Rights During a Strike

If you want to find out more about industrial action and strikes, you can have a look at the Gov.UK’s page and to find out more about trade unions and/or join one you can visit TUCs website. 

Contact your workplace reps if you have any questions about Industrial Action  and ballots

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What is a Strike?

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