Become a UNITE the union workplace Rep!

Become a Rep!

Activists are the backbone of Unite. It’s mainly through their hard work that we protect employees rights at work, campaign for better working practices and support those in need of help. They’re the bridge between employers and employees in workplaces and negotiate on important matters to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

If you’d like to get more involved in your union now is the time to do it. Elections for workplace representatives and branch officers will be taking place early in the first quarter of 2022, so this is your chance to become more active in Unite.

Workplace Reps

Elections for workplace representatives and branch officers take place once every three years. The next electoral period is 2022 to 2025. Your regional office will provide more information about how elections will be conducted, but all reps will be elected by the end of March 2022 or contact your branch secretary or senior reps.

If you think you have what it takes, sign up using the form to the right.

These roles may sound challenging, but all of our workplace representatives receive quality training in all of the areas of their responsibility. The training is a great opportunity to learn – and meet other Unite activists from across all of our different workplaces and Sectors. The role of the Health & Safety reps is covered by law and specialist training is therefore available. Following your training support and advice is available from other reps or your union fulltime official.

Workplace reps are eligible to be nominated to various lay delegate or representative positions.

Branch Officers

Everyone is in a union branch. These are usually based on workplaces, but they can also be based on an industry or geography. The Branch is the key structure through which members can come together to participate in the Union’s activities and democracy, access services, recruit, organise, campaign, support local issues and influence Unite policy.

Branch officers are elected by and from the members of the branch. Details of how to run the elections are provided by your regional administration. All branch officers must be elected for the new electoral term by end of March 2022.

Getting involved in Unite Unite the union – WORKPLACE REPRESENTATIVES

Getting involved in Unite Unite the union – BRANCH OFFICERS

You can join  Unite the Union online:

Or contact one of the Unite reps  (Details below)

West Lothian Council  Local Unite contacts 

Unite the Union Shop Stewards/ Workplace Reps

Whitehill Service Centre

Senior Steward: Pat Tedford

Mobile:   07787 102 636  E mail :

Davy Johnstone :E mail :

Davy Dowds :E mail :

Donald Smail: E mail :

Andy Dowds: E mail :

Bobby  Lee : E mail :

Kirkton Service Centre

Unite the Union Workplace Reps

Rab Brown  Unite Convenor: Email

Tam Brown Unite Rep: Email:

Ryan Morcombe: Email


 Regional Contacts Unite Scotland

Pat Rafferty is the Unite Scotland regional secretary

We have offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Ayr, and Inverness. Alternatively contact one of our departments.


Unite the union, John Smith House, 145/165 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 4RZ
Tel: 0141 404 5424
Fax: 0845 384 9396

Unite the union, 22 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EP
Tel: 0131 556 9676
Fax: 0845 384 9396

Unite the union, 42-44 King Street, Aberdeen  AB24  5TJ
Tel: 01224 645 271
Fax: 0845 384 9396

Unite the union, 110 Blackness Road, Dundee DD1 5PB
Tel: 01382 227 369
Fax: 0845 384 9396

Unite the union, 23 Barns Street, Ayr  KA7 1XB
Tel: 01292 430 170
Fax: 0845 384 9396

Unite the union, Ness Horizons Business Centre, Kintail House, Beechwood Business Park,IV2 3BW
Tel: 01463 213125
Fax: 0845 384 9396

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