Unite the Union random drug & alcohol testing for “safety critical” staff strike action ballot results




Electoral Reform Services

27 November 2019



All Members affected by the decision to introduce random drug and alcohol testing employed in roles identified as per list provided by Fraser MacKenzie – HR Manager – Policy & Advice to our workplace rep on 5th August 2019 – West Lothian Council – Whitehill 4 Inchmuir Road Whitehill Industrial Estate Bathgate West Lothian EH48 2EP & West Lothian Kirkton Service Centre Kirkton Service Centre Lister Road Livingston EH54 7BL
Our independent scrutineers’ report, as required in accordance with section 231B of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, for the above ballot which closed at noon on Wednesday, 27 November 2019, is as follows:


Votes cast in the ballot as a % of individuals who were entitled to vote 37.2%

Question: Are you prepared to take part in strike action?
Number of spoilt or otherwise invalid voting papers returned 1

Result of Voting
Yes  87.9%
No 12.1%

We are satisfied:
a) that there are no reasonable grounds for believing that there was any contravention of a requirement imposed by or under any enactment in relation to the ballot

b) that the arrangements made with respect to the production, storage, distribution, return or other handling of the voting papers used in the ballot, and the arrangements for the counting of the votes, included all such security arrangements as were reasonably practicable for the purpose of minimizing the risk that any unfairness or malpractice might occur,
c) that we have been able to carry out the functions conferred on us under section 226B(1) without any interference from the trade union or any of its members, officials or employees.

We would draw your attention to subsection 231B (2) which requires that, for a six month period starting from the date of the ballot, a copy of this report be made available, on request, to any person who was entitled to vote in the ballot and the employer of any such person. A reasonable fee may be charged for this service.

Ballot Thresholds not met 

Due to the draconian  trade union laws imposed on workers in the 2016 Trade Union ACT 2016  on ballot thresholds even though a majority of the 38% turnout voted for strike action, this does not meet the statutory thresholds to enable a mandate legal strike action.

For any more updates and information  please contact your Unite shopstewards  contact details below.West Lothian Council Local Unite contacts
Unite the Union Shop Stewards/ Workplace reps

unite scotland la
Kirkton Service Centre
Rab Brown Unite Convenor: Mobile 07768 945 165
Email : robert.brown@westlothian.gov.uk
Frank O Neil : Mobile 07772 205 587
Email foneil@hotmail.com

Tam Brown Unite Rep: Mobile : Mobile 07960 195 795
Email: tam.brown@unitewlc.org

Jade Deans Unite Rep: Mobile 07557 764 883

Ryan Morcombe: Mobile 07766 495 893
Email ryan.morcombe@unitewlc.org

Dougie McLeish Contact TBC


Whitehill Service Centre
Senior Steward: Pat Tedford Mobile: 07787 102 636
Email : pat.tedford@unitetheunion.org

Davy Johnstone : Email : d.johnstone70@talktalk.net

Davy Dowds: Email: dowdsdavid1@gmail.com

Donald Smail: Email : donaldiansmail@gmail.com

Andy Dowds: Email: andydowds@live.co.uk

Bobby Lee: Email: Bobby.lee@westlothian.gov.uk

Frank Stewart: Contact TBC

Contact can be made through mobile phone app on android devices Unite@WLC
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