Unite members working for West Lothian Council in “Safety Critical roles “. Have you voted yet in the strike ballot on the introduction of random alcohol & drug testing?



The Unite the union strike ballot for members in safety critical roles on the introduction of random drug and alcohol testing.

Unite recommends you  

 1.  You Vote 

2. Vote Yes 4 strike action 




Ballot closes on the 27th of November, so be sure to return your paper by the 25th!

Remember:  its a postal ballot you need over 50% of  members taking part in the ballot to return their ballots  and a majority of them voting yes to be in a position to have a strong mandate for strike action

Ballot Thresholds




Please remember to post back your ballot






If you still don’t have your ballot?



If you are a Unite member and you still have not received a ballot, please contact the Unite Edinburgh office  ASAP on 0131 556 9676 or contact your workplace reps





Not yet a member of Unite?

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