Unite in West Lothian Council Notice to members of forthcoming Industrial Action ballot

  Unite in West Lothian Council

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The Union intends to conduct a ballot for industrial action of the following members All Members affected by the decision to introduce random drug and alcohol testing employed in roles identified as per attached list provided by Fraser MacKenzie – HR Manager – Policy & Advice to our workplace rep on 5th August 2019.


Ballot Voting papers will be sent out (by Mail)  on 06 November 2019.

If you have not received a voting paper by 13th November 2019 you should contact Reps listed below IMMEDIATELY.

The names of the members to be balloted are available by contacting the Reps listed below.
If you are entitled to vote in the ballot please check that you are on the list and that your address is accurately recorded If you know anyone who is away from work at the moment but who should be included in the ballot, please give his/ her name to one of your Reps listed below so that we can check whether your colleague should be sent a voting paper.

Workplace Reps: Rab Brown:07768 945 165 –  Pat Tedford:07540 772 906

This will be a postal  ballot, if you are affected by the decision to introduce random drug and alcohol testing and not yet a Unite member its not to late you can join Unite and get protected.

The ballot will open on the 06 November and close on the 27 November the last date for returning your ballot paper to the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) will have to be posted back no later than Monday 25 of November to be included in the count.


Shop Stewards Committee Recommendation 

Your workplace reps committee are recommending you Vote Yes for  strike action.

Please  speak to your colleagues to encourage them to vote, if you don’t vote, it is counted as a no vote , in order to  win on your issue you will need a high return and a high Yes  vote to move to strike action.

If you wish any more information contact your Unite shop steward /workplace rep

If you are not yet a Unite member can you afford not to be?

You can join Unite the Union online : https://join.unitetheunion.org/
Or contact one of the Unite reps (Details below)

Get protected! ,Get Active!  Get Organised !

Join Unite today!!

join unite 2019

If you require more information please contact your Unite reps

West Lothian Council Local Unite contacts
Unite the Union Shop Stewards/ Workplace Reps

Kirkton Service Centre
Rab Brown Unite Convenor: Mobile 07768 945 165
Email : robert.brown@westlothian.gov.uk

Frank O Neil : Mobile 07772 205 587
Email foneil@hotmail.com

Tam Brown Unite Rep: Mobile : Mobile 07960 195 795
Email: tam.brown@unitewlc.org

Jade Deans Unite Rep: Mobile 07557 764 883

Ryan Morcombe: Mobile 07766 495 893
Email ryan.morcombe@unitewlc.org

Dougie McLeish Contact TBC

Whitehill Service Centre
Senior Steward: Pat Tedford Mobile: 07787 102 636
Email : pat.tedford@unitetheunion.org

Davy Johnstone : Email : d.johnstone70@talktalk.net

Davy Dowds: Email: dowdsdavid1@gmail.com

Donald Smail: Email : donaldiansmail@gmail.com

Andy Dowds: Email: andydowds@live.co.uk

Bobby Lee: Email: Bobby.lee@westlothian.gov.uk

Frank Stewart: Contact TBC

Contact can be made through mobile phone app on android devices Unite@WLC

Follow Unite in West Lothian on Social media

There are a number of other comments, events and images we have shared with our followers on our social media streams you can find on our streams below.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InLothian

Facebook: Work in progress

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Blogs: https://unitewlc.org/ : https://wlcunite.org/

Android phone App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.unitewlc.tam&hl=en_GB

Contact can be made through mobile phone app on android devices Unite@WLC

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