Results of our Random Drug and Alcohol testing survey for Operational Services members are back


Results of our Random Drug and Alcohol testing survey for
Operational Services members are back

Unite has surveyed our membership within operational services in
relation to the introduction of a random alcohol and drug testing policy, thanks all who
80% of respondents: do not agree with the implementation of the new policy.
80% of respondents: want a consultative ballot of members to reject or accept the new policy.
95% of respondents: call on ALL workers and employees to be randomly tested for alcohol and drugs.
Unite shop stewards at Operational Service position is as follows:
1. We call on all workers, employees, and subcontractors to be randomly drug tested –
The policy should be open to everyone.
2. No implementation should take place until all employees have undergone Drug and
Alcohol awareness training and the trade unions agree the policy is open transparent
and equal across all employees and workers.
Next Steps
Unite Official Consultative Ballot
If you are a Unite member in operational services please contact your rep for details of how the ballot will run. Details of ballot will be posted soon.
Your Unite workplace reps will be taking advice on the next steps through the regional office and regional officer- As which way you vote, could lead to an official industrial action ballot and potentially industrial action.
If any members or groups of members have any questions going forward please contact your Unite rep or point of contact in your work area/job family ASAP.
20 August 2019: Pat Tedford Senior Shop Steward 07540 772 90


If you are not yet a member of Unite can you afford not to to be?

You can join  Unite the Union online :

Or contact one of the Unite reps  (Details below)


West Lothian Council  Local Unite contacts 

Unite the Union Shop Stewards/ Workplace Reps

Whitehill Service Centre

Senior Steward: Pat Tedford

Mobile:   07787 102 636  Email :

Davy Johnstone : Email :

Davy Dowds : Email :

Donald Smail: Email :


Andy Dowds: Email :

Bobby Lee: Email :


Contact can be made through mobile phone app on android devices Unite@WLC


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