P.P.E. Review update @28 June 2019

 P.P.E. Review Update


Following the meeting of the PPE working group on 17/6/2019 garments and PPE were given to the group for consideration and also for operatives to sample.  contact the working group  members for their opinions – ask for a sample.


Perhaps the main issues affecting members thus far appears to be the quality and ventilation of the supplied t-shirts, this has led the group to consider if returning to a cotton fabric T-shirt would be more feasible to operatives in comparison with the hi-vis polyester shirts provided, we welcome views from all concerned on this.

The standard and issue of waterproofs are also under review as we believe that operatives who work mainly outdoors should be provided with the best available.

Furthermore, winter clothing for our outdoor workers is an issue our members have raised time and time again as the current issue is not fit for purpose, once again, we would like to hear opinions on what operatives think would be the best in their job role.

E.G. safety trainers vs safety boots –  for operatives like painters who are likely to be working in houses where safety boots are too heavy and cumbersome.

It should be noted that P.P.E. should fit the user – Not the user fitting the P.P.E. and be comfortable as workers spend the vast majority of their working week in these clothes so opinions matter.

Your views



Unite reps have been granted facility time to visit workers to hear their opinions on this, so please, do let us know.

Unite reps in Building Services


Unite the Union Workplace Reps

Rab Brown  Unite Convenor: Email  robert.brown@westlothian.gov.uk

Tam Brown Unite Rep: Email: tam.brown@unitewlc.org

Jade Deans Unite Rep: Email:jaderooney91@hotmail.com

Ryan Morcombe: Email  ryan.morcombe@unitewlc.org

Frank O Neil: Email  foneil@hotmail.com 

If you have any concerns on any aspect of Health & Safety in West Lothian Council  contact your Unite local health & Safety reps in confidence

Your Health & Safety at work matters

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