Unite the Union campaigning to win for workers in West Lothian Council.


Unite is campaigning to win for workers on the following issues where Unite members are campaigning to inprove their Terms & Conditions at work and  Inprove their daily work experience within West Lothian Council.


  • Lobbying the council to adopt theUnite construction charterhttp://www.unitescotlandconstruction.net/construction-charter.html
  • Increased  welfare facilities at the Kirkton service centre
  • Increased reward for extra duties and advanced skills and  skills progression
  • Training and development for all workers
  • Improved  facilities for Unite representatives to enable them to improve facilities which will result in improved representation for Unite members
  • Access to  Unite based  training  and  a Unite learning agreement
  • Improved access and quality of P.P.E.

Your Union Unite will not be able to win on any issues without the support and  commitment of the membership to act and work  collectively to win in the workplace

Unite Organising to win in West Lothian Council

If you wish to get involved with Unite campaigning in West Lothian Council  please contact your Unite local reps

Get Protected! Get Active! Get Organised!

You can join  Unite the Union online: https://join.unitetheunion.org/

Or contact one of the Unite reps  (Details below)

West Lothian Council  Local Unite contacts 

Unite the Union Shop Stewards/ Workplace Reps

Whitehill Service Centre

Senior Steward: Pat Tedford

Mobile:   07787 102 636  Email: pat.tedford@unitetheunion.org

Davy Johnstone : Email: d.johnstone70@talktalk.net

Davy Dowds :Email: dowdsdavid1@gmail.com

Donald Smail: Email: donaldiansmail@gmail.com


Andy Dowds: Email: andydowds@live.co.uk

Bobby Lee : Email: Bobby.lee@westlothian.gov.uk

Kirkton Service Centre


Unite the Union Workplace Reps

Rab Brown  Unite Convenor: Email  robert.brown@westlothian.gov.uk

Tam Brown Unite Rep: Email: tam.brown@unitewlc.org

Jade Deans Unite Rep: Email:jaderooney91@hotmail.com

Ryan Morcombe: Email  ryan.morcombe@unitewlc.org

Frank O Neil : Email  foneil@hotmail.com


Contact can be made through mobile phone app on android devices Unite@WLC



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