Unite Legal Services

Free expert legal services for Unite members and their families.* Call 0800 709 007 for legal advice or to make a claim.
  • Free legal advice and support from experts.
  • 100% compensation for personal injuries.
  • Personal injury cover for family members.
  • Access to a free legal helpline.

Unite Legal Services: Expert legal services for Unite members

Don’t settle for law firms who make deductions from your compensation, contact us today for expert legal advice:


Our promise to you

Unite insists on the highest professional standards from its panel of solicitors.

By choosing Unite Legal Services to pursue your legal claim, you can be confident that the law firm advising you meets the stringent standards of legal excellence that Unite demands.

It is an achievement for the law firms to be selected to be on Unite Legal Services’ exclusive panel.

Unite Legal Services ensures those legal standards are maintained by monitoring that:

  • Panel law firms are able to clearly and consistently demonstrate expertise and quality in legal issues affecting Unite members.
  • Panel law firms are committed to Unite and demonstrate empathy with trade union principles.
  • Panel law firms have their work regularly audited/ inspected and their performance analysed.

Unite seal of approval

Don’t be fooled.
Do not permit high street solicitors to handle your legal claim.
Do not settle for a law firm who will make deductions from your compensation.

Instruct Unite Legal Services to pursue your claim and be confident you will receive LEGAL EXCELLENCE.

Get in touch for expert personal injury advice today on 0800 709 007, or contact your regional Unite office for an employment matter.


Unite Scotland Legal

Thanks to

solicitors for securing £15,000 compensation for

member who suffered carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) as a result of his exposure to vibration. More than the initial offer!

Unite Scotland Legal

Thanks to

for securing £1900 compensation for

member who suffered a soft tissue injury while employed as a general site operative


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