Unite Workplace Representatives West Lothian Council building services campaigning for Secure Work, Strong Voice and Decent Pay



Unite the Union shop stewards /workplace representatives from West Lothian Council Building Services  planning  campaigns  and  gaining information on  Budget cuts and Austerity   and Unite the union policy on fighting back against  cuts and services  ensuring that members jobs and skills  terms &conditions are protected   ensuring t public  in West Lothian Council get a decent services


Unite reps and members will be campaigning for

  • Securing good jobs and Decent Work


  • Making sure workers have a Strong and Effective voice


  • Getting decent pay and conditions


Work Voice Pay



If you are not yet a member of Unite the Union  and work in West Lothian Council  can you afford not to be? Why Join? Why not? See the reason why.


Get Protected! Get Active! Get Organised!

Join Unite online  today for more information contact your workplace rep  (details above)

Just follow our simple steps below.
  1. Complete the Join Online form or download a membership form. Complete the simple form with your personal information and current job details, if applicable.


  1. Find out the cost of your membership. …


  1. Set up a direct debit. …


  1. Receive email & instant My Unite access

Joining a trade union, how to join Unite the union click on the link below


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